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For the organization

Pacific Breeze specialising in commercialising organizations' digital publications for the benefit of the organization. The news, which is relevant and valuable to the organisation members gets distributed in a professional en effective way while the coffers of the organisation indeed receives a benefit form these actions. Pacific Breeze will:

  • Design the layout of the newsletter
  • Collate relevant news and edit the content or obtain fresh content
  • Distribute the newsletter electronically to the subscribed database of the organization;
  • Post the data on a website for access by the members and other interested parties
  • Sell the advertising space in the newsletter and the webpage
  • This will be to no cost of the organization in fact it will be for the financial benefit of the organization.

Benefits for the organisation

  • News gets distributed regularly
  • Information about organisation is advertised
  • Services of the members of the organization gets advertised
  • Website is advertised

For the Advertiser

Internet and e-zine advertising is the backbone of the digital age. Internet advertising has ad spend increased by more than 60% per year for the past three years. In both the UK and US internet advertising spend has surpassed the more formal advertising like print and national television. Internet advertising has several benefits for advertisers.

  • Advertising becomes more measurable and much more focussed;
  • Subscribed database;
  • Profile of reader determinable;
  • Effectiveness determinable;
  • Flexibility in terms of executions;
  • Quicker turn around time;
  • Interaction with consumers;

Support Services

Webpage and advertising design

Pacific Breeze has strategic partnerships with experienced web design and creative agencies like 1714 (Pty) Ltd to ensure that clients artwork and web pages are compliant for Internet advertising.

Internet support and hosting

OJB Web Development is a reputable company experienced in the hosting of internet sites as well as the programming of web pages to suit clients' specific needs. Gerry Pelser of OJB Web Development is a well known programmer with a scintillating cv.

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